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Huge Majority Of Hungarians Fear Mass Immigration, Fresh Survey Reveals

Tamás Székely 2015.09.24.

9 out of 10 Hungarians do not support the country’s acceptance of illegal immigrants, most of them rejecting that option due to economic reasons and terrorist threat, according to think tank Nézőpont Institute’s fresh survey made for conservative weekly Heti Válasz. Having asked 1000 people by telephone during September 6-12, the think tank said that majority of the Hungarian population (55%) support the security border enclosure constructed at the Hungarian-Serbian border, while only a meager 28% support the refugee quotas advocated by the European Union.



87% of those asked would reject illegal immigrants and only 7% are lax on this issue. Illegal migration is opposed even within left-wing circles in Hungary by a margin twice compared to how many of them would be more permissive regarding this issue. 55% of those surveyed supported the security border enclosure established at the Serbian-Hungarian border. The rejection of refugee quotas advocated by the European Union is unequivocal: only 28% of respondents supported such initiative. By now, the quota system envisaged by Brussels also splits the left-wing camp, which initially seemed to have more support for the initiative.

Hungarians first and foremost fear the acceptance of illegal immigrants for economic reasons and a possible terror threat (32% and 29%, respectively). 16% reject them for cultural and religious reasons, while 14% considered health risks as the prime reason for not accepting them, the poll shows. However, Hungarians continue to be receptive to those immigrants who are certifiably fleeing the war zone, 65% of the total population would allow them to settle in Hungary.

18% of respondents think that illegal border violators who transpass into Hungary are authentic refugees fleeing to save their lives, while 33% would classify them as economic migrants, although there could be some among them who also flee from war-torn areas. More than half (51%) of the population are inclined to think that a large majority of the migrants are economic immigrants. Another 26% think that these migrants may be fleeing war and destitution, but even within this group there may be some who stipulate that some of these refugees may also have economic reasons for fleeing. Only 11%, mostly left-wing sympathizers stipulate that migrants are primarily feeling from war.

Hungarians primarily blame the United States for the immigration crisis in Hungary (24%). 19% of respondents think that the European Union and leading western European countries are at fault, while 17% think that the Middle Eastern war situation and the Islamic State are responsible for all this. Only 5% of Hungarians blame the Hungarian government for the crisis.

source: and photo: Zoltán Máthé – MTI