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HT Vlog: Szitizens & the Longest Hungarian Word

Balázs Horváth 2019.08.14.

In Hungary Today’s video series “HT Vlog”, our readers can get a virtual introduction to the most interesting public, cultural and lifestyle events in Budapest and Hungary. Our exclusive video content is created and edited by Hungarian vlogger Balázs Horváth, who aims to guide our readers through the very best of Hungary. Join the adventure and subscribe to our YouTube channel here!

In his latest vlog entry, Balázs visited the world-famous Sziget Festival, located in the heart of the Hungarian capital, which is currently in full swing. Although the festival closed its gates yesterday with headliners Twenty One Pilots and Foo Fighters performing on the main stage, Hungary Today’s virtual tour of the Island of Freedom continues. In 2017, an American governmental publication ranked Hungarian as one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn and probably there is no Hungarian who never heard from tourists how hard it is to pronounce some of our words. Balázs tried the Islanders’ language skills with the longest Hungarian word: megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért. Check out how they did in our second video from the world-famous Sziget Festival below: