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HT Vlog #7: Homecoming

Boglarka Lakos 2018.06.11.

In Hungary Today’s monthly video series “HT Vlog”, our readers can get a virtual introduction to the most interesting public, cultural and lifestyle events in Budapest and Hungary. Our exclusive video content is created and edited by Hungarian vlogger Boglárka Lakos, who aims to guide our readers through the very best of Hungary. Join the adventure and subscribe to our YouTube channel here!

In her latest vlog entry, Boglárka visited a meetup for young Hungarians who have decided to move back to Hungary after several years of living and working abroad. Participants could meet and talk to like-minded people who “know that Hungary is full of exciting opportunities,” and have moved back to their homeland for that reason. The event was full of interesting discussions and speakers, including Melanie Seymour, head of Blackrock’s (the world’s largest asset manager) Budapest office, and Norbert Fogarasi, managing director of Morgan Stanley Budapest, who has previously worked in Tokyo, London and New York. Boglárka spent the day with some of these inspiring “home-comers” to find out more about the group, a gathering where, participants noted,

they don’t think I’m an idiot for coming home.

You can watch the video below: