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HT Interview With Éva Muck, The World’s Best Female Bass Guitarist

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.09.08.

21-year-old Hungarian musician Éva Muck has been voted the world’s best female bass guitarist at a competition held in the United States – read our brief interview with the winner of this year’s Queens of Strings event, chosen by female bass guitarist idols Nik West and Jennifer Batten!

–  How and why did you first pick up the guitar?
– I come from a musician family, so it was quite common that I started to learn classical piano with my two twins at the age of 8. After a few years one of them chose to play the electric guitar and the other one to play the drums. I was the only one who didn’t play a second instrument, that’s why I decided to play the bass to rebel and surprise my parents.

– Who were your main early influences?
– I’ve learnt a lot from my bass teacher, György ‘Szapi’ Szappanos, who’s one of the most recognized bass players of Hungary and from my father of course, who’s one of the greatest saxophone players of Hungary. My main influences were Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller and Mark King.

–  What was your first guitar?
– I’ve got my first bass from my father which is a Fender Squier Precision Bass.

– Any tips you can share with musicians out there? Which players should guitarists study and learn their licks from?
– I’ve learnt a lot fingerstyle licks from Jaco Pastorius that improved my technique and strength. I’ve learnt slapping technics from Szapi and Mark King, they’re killin’ the fast slap-grooves.

– What are your plans for the future now you’ve won this prestigious recognition?
– I’m very motivated because of this kind of feedback so I keep practising and developing my bass skills more intensively.

photo: András Szabó/borsonline.hu

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