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Speaker of Parliament László Kövér attended a commemoration of the martyrs of the communist Red Terror of 1919 in Csorna, in north-western Hungary, on Thursday.

“Evil can only be defeated if we confront it and do what the homeland requires of us,” Kövér said in his speech marking the Red Terror’s centenary.

The speaker said there were “still some today who defend the communist terror that claimed a hundred million victims around the world and the reign of terror in Hungary that was known as the soviet republic”. “They’re the ones who have a nostalgia for communist dictatorships,” he added.

But today, he said, Hungary was a “prosperous and safe country on the way up”. Hungary today is an attractive investment and tourist destination, Kövér said, adding that the country enjoyed international prestige and influence that extended beyond its population and economic characteristics.

Featured photo by Csaba Krizsán/MTI