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House Speaker: Hungarian State was Established in a Buffer Zone Similar to Today’s

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.08.21.

Hungary’s interest lies in the emergence of a peaceful, calm and constructive balance in the world, Speaker of Parliament László Kövér told commercial news channel HírTV on Thursday.

Marking Hungary’s August 20 national holiday, Kövér said the Christian Hungarian state was established in a buffer zone similar to the one Hungary finds itself in today. Back then, Hungary even had to make a decision on whether it wanted to join the eastern or western Christian denomination, he added.

“So already at the point of origin we were faced with a dilemma that we’re still carrying with us to this day,” the speaker said. Another reason why, he said, Hungary was interested in global stability was that if the global balance was upset, the first clashes “would no doubt happen in this region”.

Hungary has a responsibility to gather enough strength around itself “to be a player in this game”, Kövér said. “Because there was a time when Hungary was not dealt any cards at all.” But, he added, there were also times when Hungary had a significant influence over the political processes that impacted it.

Kövér said he believed that the cooperation among the Visegrad Group countries was one of the factors that gave Hungary a greater chance than it has ever had before to enforce its interests through the central and eastern European value system.

As regards the centenary of the signing of the post-WWI Trianon Peace Treaty, Kövér said that in recent years Hungary’s neighbouring countries had realised that it was not Hungary that posed a threat to their own national identities, but rather stronger world powers which “try to use their machine of manipulation and money to dissolve . all forms of identity whether it be national or Christian or more recently, gender identity”.

Commenting on the situation in Belarus, Kövér said it was as yet unclear what was happening in Minsk and whether there was any “external power” behind the movements taking shape there.

There is still a chance for a compromise in Belarus, he said, arguing that this meant that none of the major powers were insistent on bringing the country under their influence “since they stand to lose more than what they wanted to gain”. He added that “it may happen that for once the Belarusian people will have their way, which was not the case under every transition.”

As regards the US presidential election, the speaker said “certain forces” were waging “an all-out war” against President Donald Trump, adding that this indicated that the Hungarian government, too, would have to be prepared to handle attempts at outside interference in the 2022 general election.

featured photo: Attila Kovács/MTI