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House Speaker: EU Migrant Quotas Are An Attempt To “Dissolve” European Civilisation

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.02.23.

By supporting immigration, the Left not only wants to import voters but is also endeavouring to “dissolve” European civilisation based on the diversity of national cultures and Christianity, Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly László Kövér has said.

Speaking on the morning programme of pro-government radio station Karc FM, Mr. Kövér said that the EU’s migrant quota system is “not a solution but a precedent” and a further step towards the creation of the United States of Europe without amending fundamental treaties, he argued. Visegrád countries are not opposed to the quota because their state budgets would be unable to support a couple of thousand migrants but because if they agree to take them in, there will be nothing to prevent the European Union from “forcing who knows how many tens of thousands of migrants upon us” without a legal basis.

The House speaker branded it important for strategic cooperation between V4 countries to remain strong after the migrant crisis. While common work so far has been focused practical matters and mainly the economy, the moment has come to bear in mind our belonging to a shared culture. Central European nations should not see the enemy in each other but rather prepare for the future together, when “we will have to protect the Carpathian Basin jointly”.

In an attack on left-wing policies, Mr. Kövér, a close ally of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, claimed in the interview that the Left wants nations, religion and the family all to disappear, citing “significantly successful” left-wing attacks against sexual identity as an example. Commenting on Hungary’s left-wing parties, Mr. Kövér said that as long as they are on the political scene, the government has to pursue politics in the knowledge that it cannot rely on these groups in even the most fundamental points of national interest and argued that the Socialist Party (MSZP) is the direct successor of the Communist state party.

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photo: ujszo.com