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House Speaker: EU Membership Is The Elementary Interest Of Hungary


“Despite all our reservations, we still have to make clear that EU membership is the elementary interest of our country as it secures the situation of beyond-border ethnic Hungarians and provides opportunities to work and study abroad, the Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly has said in an interview.

In the interview, given by László Kövér to the Thursday edition of the conservative weekly Heti Válasz, the house speaker pointed out that despite his support for European integration, he is strongly opposed to the community turning into an “empire” suppressining national sentiments and blamed “left-wing ideology”, which attempts to sustain the “artificial” antagonism between “disinterested humanists” and “narrow-minded nationalists” for being behind such intentions.

cimlap20160818lead_fill_850x370House speaker László Kövér on the weekly’s cover

He denied the left-wing opposition’s claims that the government-initiated referendum on the EU’s planned compulsory migrant resettlement quotas, to take place on 2 October, is a prelude to exit the EU and pointed out that in a political sense, it is “difficult to imagine” that the community can disregard the opinion of voters in a member state, while Hungary could set an example to countries currently following Hungary’s foreign policy line in the field of migration.

Commenting on the situation of his ruling conservative Fidesz party after six years in government, Mr. Kövér, a founding member of the group, insisted that Fidesz not only has a vision on Hungary’s fate but is also able to give successful answers to challenges, unlike the opposition, which he claims lacks a set of values or vision for the future “beyond the elementary desire of coming to power”.

The house speaker said in late June, after the successful Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom, that “At present, I believe that outside the European Union, Hungary would find it much more difficult to thrive, it would be much more difficult to continue building a civic Hungary” and confirmed that the country does not intend to follow the UK in leaving the EU.