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First Cruise Ships Arrive in Hungary Since September

Dorottya Zalay 2021.06.26.

Following the opening of the Schengen borders with neighboring countries on Thursday, the first two cruise ships have arrived in Hungary. According to the government’s spokesperson, this is another milestone since the lifting of restrictions. 

The government’s spokesperson, Alexandra Szentkirályi, announced the arrival of the first two cruise ships in a video uploaded to Facebook, noting that due to the restrictions, these ships could not enter Hungary since last September. There are more than 300 tourists traveling on the two cruise ships, and in addition to Budapest, they will stop in Mohács, and Esztergom, she added.

Hungary Opens Most Schengen Borders, Air Travel Restrictions Remain
Hungary Opens Most Schengen Borders, Air Travel Restrictions Remain

The only neighboring country of origin which still has restrictions on travel into Hungary is Ukraine.Continue reading

Szentkirályi emphasized that thanks to the vaccination campaign in Hungary, they managed to overcome the third wave of the pandemic 1-1.5 months ahead of other European countries. With steps such as the arrival of the cruise ships, tourism can regain its footing, which means that related businesses, restaurants, sightseeing buses, and guided tours can also restart, she concluded.

Featured photo illustration by Csaba Jászai/MTVA