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The Heartwarming “Hospitality” Movement For Hospitals By A Grateful Hungarian Painter

By Robert Velkey // 2016.03.29.

Wonders happen and superheroes are living among us. The heartwarming story of Norbert Lakatos is more than beautiful. The touching story started about a month ago when Norbertoffered his room painting services as a gratitude for the Nursery of the Hospital of Kistarcsa. The room painter’s daughter was healed in the mentioned hospital. The young father wanted to voice his grace for the doctors and nurses so he offered to paint the Nursery instead of giving a gratuity payment to the doctors.


We can read about Norbert’s point of view in his Facebook post:

“Recently my little daughter was in the Flór Ferenc Hospital of Kistarcsa for a few days.

The doctors were very conscientious with her and with her mother. We all know how long they had to learn to become a doctor and what terrible conditions the hospitals has got where they are working. Don’t mention their low salary.

I decided I’ll respect those hard work and show my grace. I work as a room painter… so it wasn’t a question what can I give to them. So I offered what I got, my professional knowledge for free to make their workplace better. It is important to give them feedback to keep them in those sense of vocation.”


After his action, the young room painter got so many graceful feedbacks from the workers of the hospital he decided not to stop at the first step and he painted the neonatal unit too. Recently, a paint retail company offered to support his movement with painting equipment. Numerous people wanted to support him with money for the “hospital-painting” but he refused this requests and told them to support the hospitals instead. Norbert knows that he will not solve the problems of the Hungarian health care system but he recognized that what he is doing is something good and important. The social responsibility work of Norbert hopefuly will really grow to be a real movement.


The hospital room before and after the young painter’s act of gratitude.