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Hortobágy National Park Among CNN’s Most Beautiful Places in Europe

Fanni Kaszás 2019.10.08.

CNN has compiled a list of 20 of the most beautiful places in Europe with the aim to inspire readers’ travels. They have collected wonderful sights from Finnish lakes through the Loire Valley and the Bavarian Forest, to National Parks throughout Europe – and a Hungarian location, the Hortobágy, the largest continuous natural grassland in Europe, also made it to the list. 

The news portal writes about the Hortobágy National Park, the very first of its kind in Hungary. It is most famous for its Nine-Hole Bridge, and is home to water buffalo, cranes, and great bustards. The eastern Hungarian site, protected by UNESCO since 1999, sits on the Great Plain, covering a massive 800 square kilometers.

The Never-Ending Hungarian Plain – Hortobágy Bird’s-Eye View – Video

CNN adds that “stargazing here is particularly good due to its low human population and lack of light pollution, with the area designated as an International Dark Sky Park.”

Astronomer’s Stunning Timelapse Video Captures Hortobágy Attractions And Nighttime Skyline – Video!

There are a lot of small lakes, marshes and unique wildlife in the Hortobágy, including the last wild horses of Europe, Hungarian grey cattle, racka sheep, and water buffaloes, all of whom are joined by more than ten thousand birds in autumn. In this atmosphere, traditions are not only alive but a part of everyday life as well.

featured photo: Zsolt Czeglédi /MTI