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Historic Farmers' Market Reopens In Budapest's Party Quarter After Reconstruction – Gallery!

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.10.13.

A 120-year-old traditional market hall that has reopened in Klauzál tér, central Budapest, could become the capital’s new must-see spot for tourists.

The market hall, in an area of District VII renowned for its ruin pub scene, will serve as a venue to purchase high-quality Hungarian food produced at small-scale and family farms across the country. In its restored state, the historic building could join the capital’s lengthy list of tourist attractions.

The reconstruction of the nearly 120-year-old market hall cost around HUF 2bn, most of which was covered by the district self-government. The Hungarian subsidiary of the supermarket chain SPAR contributed HUF 720m, for which it was granted minority ownership of the building and a 1500 square metre floor area in the 7000 square metre market. The SPAR store in the Klauzál tér market hall will remain open on Sundays, the state news agency MTI reports.







via szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu
photos: Veronika Mag/szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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