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Highlights of Hungary: Vote for the Best Creative Projects of 2017!

By Fanni Kaszás // 2018.01.05.

Following the success of previous years, a creative content development team, Super Channel has once again decided to compile a list of the Highlights of Hungary, the first and only creative collection that selects its nominees on a professional basis but without the boundaries of categories.

The curatorial team, consists of 10 qualified professionals representing different fields of the creative industry, has collected and presented key moments, people, innovations and places for the fifth time since 2013. They are searching for values marking the most exciting and inspirational projects of the current year.

We can see from the list of 55 creative projects that the emphasis is really on creativity, irrespective of categories, context, medium or platform, as it includes nominees from a wide scale: from image films, cafés, exhibitions, through an installation to mark the 500th anniversary of Reformation and a sex-education website, to Ildikó Enyedi’s award-winning film On Body and Soul.

The full list of nominees can be found on the website of Highlights of Hungary, where you can vote until January 25. Ten projects will be selected on the basis of public votes of 15,000 people and an official awards ceremony will be held on February 1.

via Highlights of Hungary