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High Expectations before Weekend’s Canoe European Championships

admin 2014.07.10.

Hungarians await this weekend’s ECA Senior Canoe Sprint European Championships, held in Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany, as the the country’s athletes have good chances of winning the gold in several events. The three-day program will feature several highly anticipated kayaking and canoe races as fans of water sports await Friday.

Hungary will be represented by 12 men and 7 women in the kayaking events, while 10 men and 2 women will fight for medals at canoeing events. Botond Strocz, head coach of Hungary, expects about 8 to 10 medals from his team. Strocz in interview for MTI said that since this year’s European and World Championships are only separated by a mere four weeks, peak performances should not be expected from most contenders. As Strocz put it, “if we display the same performance as in Montemor-o-Velho last year, I shall be satisfied.” The 2013 competition resulted in 11 medals altogether, 3 of which was gold.

The Hungarian public television will be reporting live from Brandenburg an der Havel on Saturday and Sunday.

Photo: public domain