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“Hide the Pain Harold” András Arató Shows a Before-the-Meme Photo

Tamás Vaski 2021.05.30.

András Arató, the Hungarian internet celebrity who became one of the world’s most beloved memes thanks to his iconic “Hide the Pain Harold” face, shared a picture of himself from back when he was in the military. The picture proves that even before becoming a meme he was “hiding the pain.”

Arató had been involved in the stock photo and advertisement industry for a long time. It did not take long for the internet to discover the photos in which he appears to be masking sorrow or faking a smile.

Countless memes have been made thanks to Arató’s facial expression, and while it bothered him at first, he eventually accepted his internet celebrity status, and now has his own community of followers. Hungarians can be proud that one of the greatest memes of our time came from Kőszeg, Hungary.

'Hide the Pain Harold' Finally Reveals the Recipe on Becoming Famous
'Hide the Pain Harold' Finally Reveals the Recipe on Becoming Famous

In TEDx’s Kyiv edition, famed Hungarian meme star András Arató a.k.a. ‘Hide the Pain Harold‘ appeared, talking about his life, revealing how he became famous and how he now lives with it.  When he asked, quite rhetorically, if anyone in the audience knew who he was, everyone of course did. He had been successful in […]Continue reading

On Wednesday, Arató posted a black and white photo of his youthful self to his Facebook page from when he was conscripted in the Hungarian military. Had internet memes existed back then, he may have reached international popularity much sooner, because his iconic facial features were already present.

Captioning the photo, Arató wrote “Before the meme… Who remembers this photo?”

Fans did not hesitate to begin making memes, obviously referring to him appearing to mask his troubles with a forced smile.

The top comment reads, “when you just returned from [a] 3-year mission only to meet your 2 months old baby,” while another says, “when the government forces you to enter the military.” Another Facebook user commented that this was “the beginning of the pain.”

While it may appear to someone unfamiliar with the meme that Arató’s fanbase is teasing him, Arató knows that their intentions are positive.

The community became worried for Arató’s health in April when he caught Covid, but thankfully he reported at the end of the month that he had recovered from the virus and was getting better every day.

'Hide the Pain Harold' András Arató Hospitalized Due to Covid
'Hide the Pain Harold' András Arató Hospitalized Due to Covid

"I felt the seriousness of the situation, I wrote my testament before I left, and in the meantime I called my acquaintances to pray for me," he said.Continue reading

There is no doubt that many more memes will come from the internet star, brightening people’s days for years to come.

Featured photo illustration via Hide the Pain Harold’s Facebook page