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Hey Today Is Poetry Day! – Grab a Coffee, Pay With a Poem

Robert Velkey 2017.03.21.

“Hey Today is Poetry Day

With a Poem, now you can pay

For your coffee at many place

Just write down your best phrase”


Fortunately, and thanks to the Julius Meinl Company, we can say it is a tradition to celebrate the World Poetry Day in literally a literary way. Since the 18th of November 1999, UNESCO has marked the first calendar day of the spring, 21st of March, as World Poetry Day. This is the day to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression and to offer endangered languages the opportunity to be heard within their communities.

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In addition, the Vienna-based Julius Meinl Company clearly offers incentives for the mentioned aims of the artistic “feast-day”.  The coffee company is offering a free cappuccino, latte, or espresso, to anyone who writes a part of a poem or write a poem…

 “If you want to meet and drink

you don’t need the shiny tin

Let romance and poesy shine

Be a poet don’t be shy”


This is the third time Hungary has been involved with the company’s campaign, with numerous cafés taking part.

Let’s celebrate the Day of Poetry with the great Hungarian poet of the 20th century, Attila József!


For My Birthday (English)

Upon my thirty-second year –
what a surprise, this poem here,

a little gift with which I say,
lurking alone in this café:

Thirty-two years just blew away,
I never made ten doits a day:

A pedagogue I might have been,
not this pen-busting, might-have-been,

But no; Herr College Chancellor
showed me the outside of the door:

It was a short sharp shock for sure,
my `father’ poem got its cure;
his word
and sword,

that saved the fatherland from me,
evoked my spirit and set free
its name
and flame.

`As long as I have any say
you’ll not teach here a single day’ –

If Mr Antal Horger’s pleased
our poet’s grammar-study’s ceased –
jollies –

no high school, but a nation I,
although he like not, by and by
shall teach,
shall teach.

in the translation of: Ozsváth, Zsuzsanna


via: un.org; kulturaonline.hu

photos: bevezetem.eu; vigado.hu

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