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Hertha BSC Head Coach Pál Dárdai Talks Football And Family In Recent Interviews

Tamás Székely 2016.11.08.

“After really great victories I use to open an expensive bottle of wine. I know where I come from: according to my standard, a 100-euro wine is expensive. If I’m lucky my friend Zecke Neuendorf comes over for an evening chat on the terrace. As a coach I need some refreshment too”, says Pál Dárdai, German Bundesliga side Hertha BSC’s Hungarian head coach, in an interview with local journal Berliner Kurier. “When guests from Hungary pay us a visit, they stay not in a hotel but in our house. Of course, it makes some trouble to my wife Mónika, but is also brings funny situations”, the paper quotes Dárdai, adding that Bundesliga coaches usually do not speak so honestly in front of a camera.

Commenting on his team Dárdai noted: “It is important for my players not to become frustrated on the pitch. They need honest words. In the beginning it was a bit difficult, sometimes I need to get tough with them, but there is a line not to be crossed. They are also grown men.” “When Salomon Kalou’s father and aunt both passed away, we gave him time. Everyone mourns in a different way. When he got back, we sent him in, because we knew what he was capable of. After his third goal against Borussia Mönchengladbach I took him of the pitch, so the fans could applaud him. For him and for the team as well, it was a wonderful night.”

“When my brother, Balázs, died fourteen years ago, head coach Huub Stevens helped me a lot. When I returned from Hungary, he said he wanted me to play, but I didn’t want to, I felt I needed more practice. Huub said >>no way, you come with us<<. It meant a lot to me.” “My grandmother said, mourning shall not remain long, life goes on. We shall enjoy every day. Family is the most important, football comes second. even in defeat, one needs to find the positive”

Meanwhile Dárdai also gave an interview to Hungarian sport channel M4 after last Friday’s 3-0 triumph over Mönchengladbach. Commenting on contract offers from other clubs, he said he never let agents, media and rumors influence him. “I never was a superstar player, I just did my best, this is my main strength, as a coach I try to do the same today. Yes, five or six or seven agents have visited me recently, saying they want to work with me. I’m not interested, I have my dream job here. I’ve been in Berlin for twenty years, my sons play for Hertha BSC youth teams, they are considered exceptional talents. I’m living my dreams, like in a fairy tale, especially when we win games. Exchange it for money? I’m not sure it’s worth it. I may not earn as much as I could elsewhere, but I love what I’m doing here, I do it in a good mood and it’s priceless. I’m not starving, I have Hungarian sausage in the larder, as well as salami and ham, so we are cheerful, a happy family.”

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