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Hero of the 1956 Revolution, László Balás-Piri has Died at 82

By Abraham Vass // 2018.02.23.

Hero of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and political prisoner László Balás-Piri passed away on the 17th of February at the age of 82.

Balás-Piri fought during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. After arrested in 1957, he had been sentenced for three years by the communists. After the jail time he wasn’t allowed to carry on his studies in pharmacy, thus until the ‘system change’ (the end of the communist era in Hungary in 1990) he worked as labourer, furniture supplier among others to be able to provide for his family.

After 1990 he has regularly published articles in a number of newspapers, since 1999 he has been the president of the board of trustees of the foundation which operates House of Terror Museum in Budapest. In addition, he was the vice president of the Committee for Historical Justice and a trustee of the 1956 Foundation. In 1993, he released his documentary on the Revolution with the title “People in White – 1956”.

In 2016, in order “to acknowledge his sacrifices and achievements for the freedom of Central European peoples” he received Petőfi Prize along with his fellow fighter, László Regéczy-Nagy.


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