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Here’s How Hungarian Nationals Abroad Can Vote In Next Year’s General Election


Hungary’s Election Office (NVI) in October will send letters to Hungarian citizens residing abroad to advise them about registration for next year’s general election, NVI head Ilona Pálffy said on Tuesday.

At a press conference in Kolozsvár, in Transylvania (Cluj, Romania), Pálffy said 650,000 letters will be sent to Hungarian citizens who are eligible to vote in the 2018 elections held in the spring. In the case of 294,000 Hungarians who are already registered to vote, the envelope will include forms for the purpose of indicating any relevant data changes, while the rest will contain registration forms, she noted.

The 199 members of the Hungarian Parliament will be elected in April or May 2018. 106 lawmakers will be elected in single-member constituencies by first-past-the-post voting, with the remaining 93 elected from a single nationwide constituency by proportional representation of the political parties. Hungarians nationals without permanent residency in Hungary can vote only for the national party lists.

via MTI