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Help There, Where Problem Is – Hungarian Interchurch Aid Are In Charge In Iraq

Robert Velkey 2016.09.21.

The Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) will help the needy in Iraq with 3 million euros of aid from the European Union’s Madad Fund, the human resources minister said. The main message of the action is: “Whoever really wants to help does so at the site where the problem is,” Zoltán Balog told a press conference. “We want to take help over there rather than import the problem,” he said, adding that the creation of political stability there was also important.

Hungarian Interchurch Aid, founded in 1991, is one of Hungary’s largest charity organizations that also gained international recognition.  It assists those in need and deprivation through its expanding community of experts, volunteers, donors and corporate partners. HIA-Hungary provides assistance regardless of nationality, religion and ideology. The organization helps in accordance with the strictest professional and transparency rules in Hungary, and in the international arena as a member of the international community. 

László Lehel, head of HIA, the Ecumenical charity organization, noted that the organisation had opened a permanent humanitarian mission in Erbil, in northern Iraq, in the summer with Hungarian foreign ministry support. Its goal is to ensure that the needy do not leave their country. For this, they require not only a roof over their heads but the opportunity to work, too, he said.


photos:;; Gyula Bartos / EMMI