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Hello HuGo: A Clever App for Finding All Things Hungarian in the US

Tamás Vaski 2021.03.26.

Ranging from a chimney cake maker in California to the stained-glass windows of the Washington National Cathedral, the Hello HuGo app is a clever creation by the Hungary Foundation showing anything and everything in the United States with ties to Hungary.

If you have you ever been curious about places of interest, restaurants, services, and community spots in the United States that have ties to Hungary, you need this app.

Hello HuGo Shows Hungarian Culture in the USA

Executive Director of the Hungary Foundation and creator of the app, Anna Smith Lacey says Hungarians have had a significant footprint on the United States, which the foundation would like to show in this app.

Not only does Hello HuGo show noteworthy Hungarian-related locations, but it also acts as a social media platform for users to upload sites and locations they discover or are already aware of.

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The foundation’s executive director said that the app will “answer people’s innate desire to step out form isolation and connect with what surrounds them,” such as community events, restaurants, and historic sites with Hungarian significance. “HuGo aims to enrich the lives of its users no matter what their background by presenting the rich Hungarian-American tapestry in the US.”

A Hungarian Who Fought for US Independence

The app’s mascot is a hussar with an excellent moustache, visiting Hungarian sites in the US and sharing their locations with everyone who follows along. Lacey said that the avatar was inspired by a Hungarian hussar who fought in the American Revolution.

“Though it may only be known to few, a Hungarian Hussar named Mihály Kováts played a significant role in establishing the American cavalry in the South during the American Revolution. He gave the ultimate sacrifice and died in Charleston, South Carolina for the cause of freedom. He symbolizes the important role that Hungarians played in US history from its very beginnings, and this is why we chose the hussar character for the app.”

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The Hungary Foundation is currently offering a US-Hungary roundtrip ticket to anyone who registers and uploads the most sites to the app, available on Apple’s iOS app store, by April 15. Further details can be found on HuGo’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Featured photo via HelloHugo’s Facebook page