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Hard As Ice: The Cyclone’s Keeper Met Vay’s Punch

Robert Velkey 2017.01.12.

Ice Hockey without fight is not ice hockey. But where is the line between box and ice hockey when a player knock out another with a single punch?

On the last ice hockey match of the ECHL, Ádám Vay the keeper of the Quad City Mallards laid out the keeper of the opposite Cyclones by one hit. In the middle third period of the game the players threw down the hockey sticks and changed their weapon to their fist and started to fight.

The Hungarian keeper wanted to hit one of the Cyclone’s payer but the keeper came to join the fun… in the end he was not so happy, as Ádám Vay showed him the way of the Hungarian hits…

In spite of that the Hungarian keeper didn’t let the hockey puck in the goal 25 times out of 28 shots the Quad City Mallards was defeated by the Cyclones Cincinnati.