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Ferencváros will own the 20,000 seat arena next to Népliget, to be built for the 2022 Men’s European Handball Championship, Minister Gergely Gulyás, the Head of the Prime Minister’s Office announced.

The multi-functional, super-modern, and very expensive stadium’s construction has only started. The costs are financed by the Hungarian state. The stadium can serve all indoor sports, and will be under the ownership of Ferencváros as soon as it is built. The super-arena can host major concerts, events, and exhibitions, and will have the right standards for all existing indoor sports, including basketball, volleyball, hockey, tennis, and ice skating, as well as certain equestrian and motorcycle races.

According to Gulyás, Ferencváros will be able to operate and maintain the institution. The Minister indicated that an agreement would be reached with Ferencváros that the state and national teams would have priority to use the arena.

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Responding to a question whether other clubs could claim a similar opportunity, Gulyás said that the government had a particularly good experience with Ferencváros from an operator perspective.

He highlighted that the transmission of the ownership was initiated by the government, but “Ferencváros did not resist.”

The president of Ferencváros Torna Club is Fidesz vice-president and party director Gábor Kubatov.

Building operations began a few months ago and should be completed by January 2022. The arena is expected to cost around 75 billion HUF (EUR 218 million).

Featured photo illustration via Máté Kocsis’s Facebook page