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Hadházy Fined HUF 2 Million for Displaying Gov’t-Critical Banners in Parliament

Ábrahám Vass 2020.02.20.

House Speaker László Kövér (of Fidesz) decided to impose a fine of HUF 2 million on Ákos Hadházy following the independent MP’s display of banners criticizing the government on Monday in the National Assembly, liberal ATV reported

Hadházy, long been known as one of the leading figures in fighting corruption in politics, hung two banners behind Kövér’s seat during this year’s first parliamentary session: “Stop propaganda,” and “The prime minister’s manor.” The latter most probably refers to the mysterious, large-scale extension works at the Hatvanpuszta building officially owned by the PM’s father, but many supposing it to be in fact in Viktor Orbán’s possession.

Independent MP Once Again Disrupts Parliamentary Session

For his actions, the House Speaker fined him HUF 1 979 400 (Eur 5,863) which is equal to two-months of his salary.

In addition to the fine, Kövér also banned him for one day from Parliament. ATV also claims that Hadházy probably won’t appeal the decision. However, Hadházy has started fundraising to pay the huge fines.

This is the second time Hadházy has been fined after he did something similar in October. That time, the entirety of his penalty was collected by his supporters.

Following Hadházy’s first provocative display, the ruling parties tightened the house rules, now bearing much heavier fines and penalties.

featured image via MTI/Tamás Kovács