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Gyurcsány: Orbán’s Policy to Be in Minority

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.05.16.

The policies represented by Hungary’s ruling Fidesz will be in the minority in the next European Parliament, Ferenc Gyurcsány, leader of the leftist opposition Democratic Coalition, said on Thursday.

Addressing a press conference, Gyurcsány said the political groups “favouring a stronger Europe”, which he said were the European People’s Party, the Socialists, the Liberals and the Greens, would win at least 460 seats in the 751-member EP.

Gyurcsány predicted that the group being put together by Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, which he referred to as “those who agree with Viktor Orbán’s policies”, would win no more than 90 seats even if Fidesz decided to join them.

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He argued that no political group was likely to win an absolute majority on its own. What mattered, he said, was “who can find friends and allies to support their policies” rather than the number of MEPs the various groups would have.

Gyurcsány said his party would have an easier time finding allies in the legislative body than Fidesz, regardless of how many seats the ruling party would win.

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Asked to comment on recent polls showing that Fidesz could win a record number of seats on May 26, Gyurcsány brushed off the projections, arguing that in the EP elections, Hungary would be the equivalent of an electoral district in a national ballot and that what mattered was who would win a majority.

There could be countries where the pro-European forces will be in the minority, but overall, they’ll be in the majority in Europe”

the former PM predicted.

He said most Europeans “firmly” rejected Fidesz’s “false and deceitful claims” about migration and the protection of Christianity.

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Gyurcsány said that though migration was likely to remain a major issue in Europe for years to come, the migration crisis itself was over.

In the featured photo DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány. Photo by Balázs Mohai/MTI