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Gyurcsány Responds to Orbán’s List of ‘Greatest Threats to Hungary’ That Includes His Name

Hungary Today 2021.06.19.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán listed the three greatest threats Hungary currently faces at the meeting of the ruling parties’ parliamentary groups in Debrecen. According to the sources of pro-gov’t newspaper, Magyar Nemzet, these include the coronavirus pandemic, mass migration, and the threat of former socialist PM, now DK president Ferenc Gyurcsány’s return to power. Now Gyurcsány has responded with his own list.

The leader of the Democratic Coalition did not let the leaked speech go unnoticed and posted a list of his own on social media, marking the 5 (+1) dangers Viktor Orbán is facing.

According to Gyurcsány’s ironic list:

1.) The governing party accidentally votes to fund hospital overhauls instead of stadium constructions.

2) Lőrinc Mészáros loses a public procurement [Mészáros is the richest person in Hungary and a childhood friend of Orbán].

3.) All the yachts on the Adriatic sea are getting rented out from under [foreign minister] Szijjártó.

4) The governing party raises pensions instead of the salaries of state secretaries.

5) Orbán will be dealing with the country’s problems instead of Gyurcsány.

+1 the Gyurcsány movie gets the worst rating on IMDB.

Trailer of Film About Gyurcsány's Infamous Őszöd Speech Arrives on Its 15th Anniversary
Trailer of Film About Gyurcsány's Infamous Őszöd Speech Arrives on Its 15th Anniversary

The producer of the movie denied it being a propaganda film, because to him "film is  a more sacred genre than to use it as a weapon."Continue reading

Ferenc Gyurcsány also added: the real danger [for Orbán], of course, is that you [Orbán] will lose next year[’s election]. And it is already crystal clear that you are shaking in your boots.

Featured photo by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI