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The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) is a united and predictable party which has not taken any turns in politics ever since it was set up eight years ago, party leader Ferenc Gyurcsány said on Sunday, launching his party’s EP election campaign.

DK has never made any concession to ruling Fidesz, either in politics or in finances and never resorted to playing tactics, Gyurcsány said, adding that DK is also Hungary’s “most European party”.

DK believes in a united states of Europe, Gyurcsány said. In a common Europe, Hungary will be an active partner and a beneficiary of common successes, he added.

Klára Dobrev, who heads the party list for the EP election, said that Europe must be able to protect its citizens not only from external dangers but also from any government within that is building a dictatorship.

“Europe can protect us from [Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán,” she said.

Dobrev called for the introduction of minimum pensions and minimum wages in the EU, European family benefits and minimum services guaranteed to all. The financial resources for these could be financed from taxes imposed on multinational corporations, she said.

Over 600,000 Support Fidesz in EP Campaign

Dobrev said DK would not allow Hungary to remain a country from where hundreds of thousands leave. She promised to “chase away” Orban and call back the hundreds of thousands who have emigrated from the country.

On the featured photo: Ferenc Gyurcsány. Photo by Balázs Mohai/MTI