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Győr’s Káptalandomb District Becomes National Monument Site

Fanni Kaszás 2020.03.25.

Yesterday, the National Assembly declared the Káptalandomb district, the historic center of Győr, in western Hungary, a national monument site. MPs decided on the government’s initiative by 158 votes to 23, with no abstentions.

In the justification of the accepted proposal it was stated that the Káptalandomb is a prominent part of Győr, where most of the monuments of the city are located: the Basilica of Győr, the Bishop’s Castle and Episcopal Palace, the St. László Visitor Center, the Treasury and Library of the Diocese of Győr, as well as the Theological College.

MTI/Krizsán Csaba

One of the most important and historic parts of the city of Győr is the Káptalandomb with its winding, cobblestoned streets, rich in architectural and religious treasures. The spectacular historic city center is not only famous for its buildings and monuments, but has also been recognized as an important crossing point to Western Europe throughout history. In addition, it has the largest collection of religious items in Hungary, while the Bishop’s Tower offers a unique panorama of Győr.

MTI/Krizsán Csaba

Among the many impressive buildings in the Káptalandomb district emerge the Bishop’s Castle and Episcopal Palace, just like the neighboring Boldogasszonykő and the beautiful building of the Basilica of Győr – which is currently being renovated – where one of the most valuable treasures of the diocese, the reliquary containing the skull of St. László, is placed.

MTI/Krizsán Csaba

Additionally, Győr is the only city in Hungary where the country’s three most important sacred objects, the Holy Crown, the Holy Right (St. István’s right hand) and the relic of St. László were all kept. In this context, one of the most exciting elements of the newly opened St. László Exhibition Center is certainly the facial reconstruction of King St. László. It is also not negligible that Pope John Paul II held a mass in the Győr Basilica during his visit to the city. The Treasury and Library of the Diocese of Győr also keeps outstanding treasures, such as a Korvina from the library of King Matthias and Hungary’s largest codex, the Zalka Antiphonale.

featured photo: Krizsán Csaba