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Győr Mayor’s Sex Scandal Private Matter, says Fidesz

Hungary Today 2019.10.08.

As an unknown blogger is still revealing recordings about the sex scandal of Győr’s incumbent Fidesz mayor Zsolt Borkai, most of the political reactions are rather modest. Fidesz claims it’s a private matter, with their Christian Democrat allies calling for unity in the campaign. Opposition wants answers, while local Jobbik’s sudden and unexpected withdrawal seems to ease Borkai’s re-election.

Fidesz-KDNP: nothing to see here

First it was the local Christian Democrats (KDNP) whom posted a mystical message to their Facebook channel on Sunday. “Those who have nothing to fear cannot be frightened. Whoever has something to be accountable for, will be accounted independently from us. We cannot give up our faith, our goals, and our achievements because they say that one of us did this or that. There is great strength in the community. (…) We protect what we have built from our faith and the trust of others! (…) The FIDESZ-KDNP alliance can and should be further strengthened. We must also show in the local elections that what we have achieved on national and international levels can be represented locally too! Go FIDESZ-KDNP! Go Hungary!”

Fidesz’s central press department commented briefly that “…the case is part of Zsolt Borkai’s private life, thus we will not comment on it.” Local Fidesz reacted in the same manner, claiming that the leaks are opposition-orchestrated actions, which haven’t worked as planned, since according to them: “people are rather more outraged on the utilization of such tools since Győr is being built and beautified.”

Leaked Sex Video, Corruption Allegations of Incumbent Fidesz Mayor Stirs Controversy

Modest opposition

According to Budapest’s joint opposition mayoral candidate Gergely Karácsony, public affairs go as far as “public money does.” He explained that “…if someone participates in a party funded by businesses that have made billions thanks to the decisions of Fidesz decision-makers, the case becomes a public one.” He also added that by now “…a ghost got out of the bottle that would be better to be closed back in, and politics should be brought back to where it originally belongs: the world of public affairs that serve the people’s everyday lives.

Local Momentum’s president and candidate Ákos Hegedűs called on Borkai to withdraw, arguing that the photos and videos are not private matters because voters always have the right to know if a politician lies. As he sees it, Borkai lied when he campaigned as a respectable father, echoing Christian-conservative values.

Local opposition’s joint statement was more low-key, demanding the mayor not to hide anymore but give an explanation “after several days of waiting patiently.”

Similarly, today, in response to green-liberal Azonnali, joint opposition candidate for the mayoral seat in Győr, Tímea Glázer (DK), commented rather modestly on the matter. She claimed that “Győr needs honest leadership, loyalty and family love. The videos that have thus far been released (…) are parts of the mayor’s private life. Until corruption is not revealed, politics has nothing to do with it. The rest is up to his family and relatives,” she concluded.

Local Jobbik quits local opposition cooperation and withdraws candidates

Meanwhile, local Jobbik ended the opposition cooperation in the city. As a result, all four Jobbik-delegated constituency candidates are now withdrawn, meaning the opposition alliance has lost one-quarter of its candidates as the deadline to field new candidates is long overdue. For Fidesz and Borkai, this decision eases the win in the city.

Győr Mayor on Scandalous Leaks: “I Apologize but I Won’t Resign”

In a message posted to his Facebook channel, local Jobbik president Roland Fodor called the decision “a long-awaited one,” claiming it was their original plan, explaining that “they have only participated in the opposition’s “pigwash alliance” to mislead it, so that the anti-national left-wing parties would not be able to form separate factions in the new assembly.”

Jobbik’s central leadership labelled it a “renegade action,” suspending the Győr chapter and launching moral proceedings.

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