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The town of Gyöngyöspata in north Hungary was the last place in the country where anyone “will have successfully executed a money grab using segregation as an excuse”, after parliament passed a law that will prevent future repeats of such cases, a lawmaker of ruling Fidesz said.

Last Friday lawmakers approved a law that says courts in the future will not be allowed to award compensation to plaintiffs the way they did to Roma children who had been segregated at a Gyöngyöspata primary school, László Horváth, Fidesz’s MP for the area, told a press conference.

Hungary’s Roma community will only be able to achieve social mobility and advancement through work and education, Horváth said. Under the new law, any children who are subjected to unfair treatment in the future must be compensated in the form of education and training, he added.

Orbán on Gyöngyöspata Case: Gov’t Sides with Decent, Working Hungarians

He said the lawsuit launched in the school segregation case had been filed by a foundation supported by US financier George Soros for political gain and money. The real aim of the lawsuit was to create conflict, harm Hungary’s reputation and discredit the government, he insisted.

The government does not want any repeats of such “unfair rulings and poor decisions to disturb the peace in society”, Horváth said.

Featured photo illustration via László Horváth’s Facebook page.