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Check Out The Wonder-Green Gyimes At Summertime

By Robert Velkey // 2017.04.04.

Have you ever visited the 1000 years-old border of the Hungarian Kingdom? Tasted the real potato soup or curdled milk meals or the authentic “málé” (puliszka) the cornflour pudding of Gyimes? Have you wondered the amazing green hills, and enjoyed the clean air of the Transylvanian mountains… Here is a video that shows the living past… I guarantee if you watch it you will start to plan trip to east until you reach the highest point of the Eastern-Carpathians and get to Gyimes.

During the 18th century hundreds of families from the Székely region of Csík moved to the high mountain forests and pastures of the upper Tatros valley. At this time the area was within the Kingdom of Hungary, although it is now within the Moldavian county of Bacău. The descedents of these people live in Gyimesfelsőlok (Lunca de Sus), Gyimesközéplok (Lunca de Jos), the Rece valley, and Gyimesbükk (Ghimes-Faget). The majority are Roman Catholic and consider that they have a “Hungarian” identity.

Don’t hesitate to have a look at on the east….