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Near Disaster At “The Big Race” Guinness World Record Attempt In Hungary

Robert Velkey 2016.05.02.

The Nagy Futam (The Big Race) is an annually organized event on the 1st of May in the capital of Hungary. The motorsport festival is an auto and aviation show with the best drivers and pilots from around the world. On the Hungarian “Labour Day”, thousands were interested in the exhibited and the deployed racing and rally cars, Formula 1 cars, aeroplanes and other extreme sport machines. In downtown Budapest, many of the streets and bridges were closed to let the race run.


The programs were mainly held on the bank of the River Danube; in front of the Várkert Bazár was a little race, drifting  by Ferenciek tere and cruising over the Erzsébet-bridge. The other part of the event was an aeroplane show with the performance of the world champion aerobatic Péter Bessenyei.


What’s more, this year the organizers opted for something more extreme and exciting on the Nagy Futam 2016. With the Flying Bulls Aerobatic Team, the highlight of the Race was the attempt to set a Guinness Word Record. The Team flied under the symbolic bridge of Hungary, the Chain Bridge. Jason Beamish, Larry Beamish and Zoltán Veress the Aerobatic European Champion accomplished the challenge although it was close to a tragedy because the landing gear of Larry Beamish’s plane touched the river. Fortunately he could safe the situation and they passed the bridge but it is not known if they could set the record or not.

You can watch the attempt here: