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Gruevski Case: EP Says Hungary Intervened in Macedonia’s Internal Affairs

Gábor Sarnyai 2018.11.29.

The European Parliament stated that Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro have met the requirements for accession to the European Union. The report includes a paragraph, proposed by left-wing and green politicians, which calls on Hungary to extradite Nikola Gruevski to Macedonia.

The EP finds the legal process used by the Macedonian court in the Gruevski case to be accurate and transparent. Therefore, his 2-year prison sentence cannot be questioned.

The EP has criticized the Hungarian government for providing secret diplomatic assistance to the former PM. It expects Hungary to respect the Macedonian judicial system and the rule of law by both re-assessing Gruevski’s asylum process and beginning the extradition procedure to Skopje. At the same time, the EP has instructed Hungarian authorities to provide all information relevant to the Gruevski affair.

The articles related to Gruevski were issued by Socialist MEPs and Judith Sargentini. According to the accepted amendments, Hungary intervened in the internal affairs of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The European Parliament has no authority over Gruevski’s extradition and the amendment is merely a political message and form of public pressure.

Via: Né

Image: Világ Figyelő