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Growth in Public Procurement

admin 2014.07.28.

There were 6944 successful public procurement in the first half of the year, which is 32.3% more compared to the last year, revealed Public Procurement Authority, reported by news agency MTI. Successful public tenders summed up EUR 3.7 billion (1165 billion HUF), which is also 21% more compared to 2013.

Projects financed partially by the European Union numbered 3608, where the growth was 43.4%, summing up EUR 2 billion (641.5 billion HUF).  Procurement in the first half of 2014 were mostly for services with 40.7%, second place was construction projects with 29.7%, while third was supplies procurement with 29.2%. The value based comparison, however, reveals that 53.2% of funds went to construction projects, 23.6% services and 22.5% supplies. The number and value of concession contracts remain under 1% in both cases.

44.3% of procurement contracts were regional or local based, while 18.3% were central institutions, with public entities having 15.2%. Examining the value of public procurement, these figures change to 28.5% for local and regional projects, 23.4% for public entities and 20.4% for public providers. The Public Procurement Arbitration Board conducted 327 reviews, which is 18.% more than last year. There are 35 proceedings underway, and the Arbitration Board found infringement in 133 cases so far. (MTI)

Photo: public domain