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Graphs – Most Hungarians Would Restrict Immigration Rules

Tamás Székely 2015.01.22.

Two-thirds of Hungarians want the country’s immigration rules to be tightened, and a majority think that the European Union is incapable of protecting European citizens from a similar attack to the Paris terrorist massacre, according to a survey by think-tank Századvég. The survey that appeared in Wednesday’s edition of business daily Napi Gazdaság shows that almost all respondents were aware of the terror attack in Paris two weeks ago.

Fully 70% considered Hungary’s immigration law to be too lenient and wanted rules to be made stricter. This view cuts across political affiliation: 56% of left-wing supporters shared it, 65% of centrists approved of tightening regulations and 59% of undecided voters did so. Altogether 85% of right-wing voters were in favour, Századvég said. Based on the survey done between Jan. 12 and 17, 61% thought that the EU was not up to the task of protecting European citizens from a terrorist attack.

Meanwhile  Antal Rogán, the group leader of ruling FIDESZ met Arnold Vaatz, deputy group leader of CDU/CSU in the German parliament, for talks in Budapest. The two politicians discussed the issue of immigration among other topics. Speaking to reporters after the talks, Vaatz said the immigration issue required a humanitarian solution in line with European values. Rogán said a common solution was needed and also urged that political refugees should be handled separately from issues around economic immigration. “Nations should have the right to determine in what way it allows economic migrants to enter,” Rogán said.

via hungarymatters.hu, szazadveg.hu and napigazdasag.hu photo: indafoto.hu