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Visual Galaxy Of Star Wars – Rogue One Is In Hungarian Graphic Artist’s Hands

Robert Velkey 2016.11.04.

Szabolcs Menyhei, graphic artist, works on the Rogue One at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). He graduated at the University of Szeged and started to work as an art and drawn teacher. Today he makes the graphic view of the iconic movie at one of the world most cool visual effects company. The mno.hu interviewed Mr. Menyhei.

I was an active teacher when one of my friend asked me, to paint backgrounds of animations. I said yes, and slowly I started to work on more and more animations, he said. First, I worked for Double Negative at London. I was working on the Ant-Man and the second part of the Thor.


This summer the ILM of George Lucas asked him to work on the Star Wars movie, and he neither could not reject the offer nor he did not want to reject the opportunity.

Nowadays, I work on the next Star Wars move, Rogue One. I am a big fan of the series and the Star Wars Universe, so it makes me very happy to work on this project. I am very proud to “take part“ in the production. I make the virtual milieu and settings, to extended the real setting and the 3D cuts. said Szabolcs Menyhei.

He said he loves to work on the Rogue One but he cannot say anything, but his works in Ant-Man are one of his favorites, too. It was a good challenge to illustrate the world from the perspective of an ant.

via: mno.hu

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