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The Hungarian government’s policies are increasingly understood and appreciated in the United States, Zoltán Kovács, the government spokesman, said at the end of a four-day official visit that included discussions at think-tanks and media outlets.

“More and more people in the US understand the work that the Hungarian government is carrying out,” Kovács told MTI late on Thursday, insisting that the tone of conversation had changed markedly in recent years.

Referring to areas of Hungarian policymaking such as “our support for persecuted Christians, our economic achievements and approach to illegal migration”, Kovács said the government’s consistency in policymaking over the past eight years was valued.

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Regarding a letter signed by 22 Democrat lawmakers to the US State Department criticising Hungary and the state of Hungary’s media, Kovács insisted the letter was part of “international left-wing political campaigning against Hungary”.

Kovács said Hillary Clinton’s speech in Oxford last week, in which the former secretary of state criticised Brexit as well as Tory MEPs for siding with Hungary on the Sargentini report, was part of the campaign before the US mid-term elections.

“The international left wing wants to cast Hungary as a black sheep,” Kovács said. The lawmakers’ letter contained “the same wording and turns of phrase” as Clinton’s speech the day before, Kovács said. “It’s obvious the institutions behind Clinton, often financed by [US financier] George Soros, provided the contents of her speech, so it is clear that the same organisations are behind the lawmakers’ letter.”

The confrontation between globalists and those promoting sovereignty increasingly define the political discourse, Kovács said. “It is reassuring that the president of the United States himself said that … we do not want globalism, but stand by and applaud countries that make their own decisions in domestic affairs and on issues such as illegal migration.”

Kovács visited foundations, research institutes and media outlets such as the conservative think-tank Judicial Watch, the offices of the Politico magazine and Fox News, the Heritage Foundation and others.

via MTI