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Govt Spox: ‘Soros and His Money Won’t Decide’ EP Vote’s Outcome

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.05.23.

The government will not allow “George Soros and his money” to decide the outcome of the European Parliament elections, government spokesman Istvan Hollik told a press conference on Thursday.

The spokesman insisted that the US billionaire and the NGOs he financed were attempting to manipulate the EP election.

Meanwhile, he responded to a question about Jean-Claude Juncker’s recent comments to CNN in which the European Commission president called nationalists “stupid” and berated populist leaders.

Juncker: Orbán Is Not A Dictator

Hollik said it was “quite amazing” that anyone in Europe declaring their love for country and nation was held to be guilty of a sin. Juncker’s statement, he added, proved that “the pro-migration elite in Brussels” did not stand behind the people of Europe and their security but supported immigrants.

He said May 26 presented an “excellent opportunity” to remove pro-migration politicians from the European Union.

In the featured photo: government spokesman István Hollik. Photo by Tibor Illyés/MTI