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Govt Scraps Plan to Set up Public Administration Courts

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.11.04.

The government has decided not to set up a separate system of public administration courts but legislation currently under preparation will make public administration court procedures faster and more predictable, the justice minister said on Thursday.

A decision to postpone for an unspecified period the setting up of separate public administration courts was made in the spring, Judit Varga told MTI. Following considerable professional consultations, the government has now decided to scrap the plan altogether and keep the current unified system in place in order to protect the courts from unnecessary disputes, she added.

Postponement of Admin Courts: Fidesz to Pay a Price for Miscalculated EP Results?

New legislation currently being prepared will guarantee a clear framework for public administration court procedures, it will speed up cases and make rulings more predictable, Varga said. The draft will be submitted to parliament during the autumn session, she added.

Venice Commission: Law on Administrative Courts ‘Lacking Checks and Balances’

The government’s original plans were in line with all European and international norms and even the Venice Commission found them acceptable at a review this spring, so the international dispute concerning the plans did not influence the decision, she said.

In the featured photo: Justice Minister Judit Varga. Photo by Gergely Botár/