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Gov’t Rejects Germany’s ‘Dangerous’ Migrant Quota Proposal

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.12.06.

The government continues to reject the mandatory quota system for the resettlement of migrants, and will do its utmost to protect the Hungarian border fence and the security of the Hungarian people, government spokesman István Hollik said on Friday.

The past week has shown that migrants continue to flow en masse to Europe both at sea and on the mainland, increasing migration pressure on the continent, especially along the Balkan route, he told a press conference.

This is why Germany has submitted a proposal to the European Council reviving the concept of mandatory quotas, Hollik said.

It is important to establish “at this early stage of thinking” that the government insists on enforcing the interests of Hungarians in connection with migration, he said.

The mandatory quota proposal is “dangerous” because it sends the message to millions of potential migrants coming from Africa and East Asia that Europe awaits them “with open arms”, Hollik said.

Hollik said the Hungarian government maintains the position that migrants should not be brought into the EU and distributed among member states. Instead, those who are staying in Europe illegally should be removed, he said.

Mandatory quotas harm the member states’ sovereignty, Hollik said, adding that no state can be forced to accept migrants against their will.

Regarding the growing migration pressure of the past few weeks, Hollik said the government’s priority is to protect the security and borders of Hungary and Europe.

The government does its utmost to protect the Hungarian border fence and will firmly reject the mandatory quota “every single time”, Hollik said.

In the featured photo: István Hollik. Photo by Tibor Illyés/MTI