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Govt Official: Some 130,000 Children to Attend Govt Funded Summer Camps

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.07.23.

The number of children participating state sponsored Erzsébet camps has risen to 130,000 this year, with the state taking over travel costs and also offering daycare camps for preschoolers, a government official told public news channel M1 on Tuesday.

Bence Rétvári, a state secretary of the human resources ministry, said the camps were “important factors in the policy for Hungarian communities abroad” as they offer Hungarian children opportunities to find common ground with ethnic Hungarian students across the borders. This year, hundreds of children come from the Hungarian ethnic minorities in Transylvania, Slovakia and Ukraine, he said.

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The children will be given the opportunity to work with devices such as LEGO robots and create 3D objects, Rétvári said. They can try their hands at several sports and participate at concerts and talent shows, he added.

The government is spending 4.4 billion forints in 2019 on the Erzsébet camps, Rétvári said.

Featured photo by Boglárka Bodnár/MTI.