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Govt Official Lauds Hungary-Russia Cooperation on Military Grave Maintenance

Hungary Today 2018.10.10.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, the defence ministry’s ministerial commissioner for remembrance diplomacy called cooperation between Hungary and Russia on mutual military grave maintenance “exemplary”.

The maintenance of military graves shows what a nation is like and how it cooperates with other countries on a diplomatic level, Jozsef Holló said after a meeting of the Hungarian-Russian Intergovernmental Mixed Committee for Military Grave Maintenance.

Under Hungary and Russia’s agreement on mutual military grave maintenance, Hungary has built memorial sites, monuments or cemeteries in 369 locations in Russia, Holló said. Hungary has built two main cemeteries in Russia. One has 8,370 soldiers buried in it and the other some 51,000, he added.

There are also numerous locations in Hungary with Russian military graves, he said. There are more than 112,000 Russian soldiers buried across 1,200 municipalities, he added.

Hungary has military grave maintenance agreements in place with nine countries, Holló said, adding that talks are ongoing about signing a tenth one with Slovakia.

Aleksandr Kirilin, the head of the Russian chapter of the mixed committee, said Russia has grave maintenance pacts in place with 16 countries, but its closest partnership is with Hungary. The pact with Hungary was signed 23 years ago, he noted.

via MTI

featured image: József Holló at a ceremony in April; via Veronika Dévényi/