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Novák: Hungary’s Family Policy Respected in Washington

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.01.17.

Hungary’s family policy generates interest and is thought of highly in Washington, Katalin Novák, the state secretary for youth and family affairs, said after meeting US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar in the US capital on Thursday.

Novák, who was in Washington at Azar’s invitation, held talks with her US counterpart as well as with members of Congress, and addressed an international conference on family policy.

In her talks, Novák briefed US government officials, family policy experts and diplomats on student loans in Hungary, the government’s prenatal baby support loans and family benefit and maternity allowances “gyed” and “gyes”.

Speaking to MTI after her talks, the state secretary said it was a “great honour” that the US was studying Hungary’s family policies at such a high level. She added that Secretary Azar is expected to pay a visit to Budapest in the spring.

Novák said the current US administration was looking for global allies in the pursuit of its “family-friendly and pro-life” policies.

“They’ve noticed that there are countries that are ahead of them in this area,” she said. “Our American partners have told us that they believe Hungary is the global leader in this field.”

Govt’s Family Protection Action Plan Comes into Force

Novák said Washington was working on putting together a global coalition focused on family values and safeguarding life. She said Thursday’s conference was attended by the ambassadors of over 35 countries representing some 1.7 billion people.

Participants at the conference agreed to make a joint stand for the protection of family values at various international forums, Novák said.

featured image: illustration; via MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák 

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