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Govt Official Confirms EC’s Plan to Cut EU Funds

Ábrahám Vass 2019.04.23.

In an interview with pro-government daily Magyar Nemzet, the Ministry of Human Capacities’ (EMMI) state secretary for EU Development Policy, Eszter Vitályos, once again admitted that the European Commission (EC) plans to cut Hungary-bound EU funds due in the next period by up to 24%. 

According to Vitályos, while Hungary’s EU money per capita amounts to approximately Eur 320 per year, the EC’s proposal for the next period would mean a reduction to approx. Eur 260. She also claimed that human development may be emphasized more in the financial framework than it is now.

Vitályos also declared that “the Hungarian government will in all circumstances insist that the EU’s cohesion policy should not be linked to objectives not directly related, such as migration or the rule of law.”

Within the ongoing subsidy period, Vitályos claimed that 60% of the grants awarded have already been paid off, helping to reduce unemployment and boost economic growth and competitiveness.

It was revealed last year that the EU plans to shift a considerable amount of funding away from certain countries – including Hungary – and redirect it to Southern countries hit hard by the financial crisis. In addition, many believe the allocation of funds should be dependent on the maintenance of “the rule of law and democratic standards.”

featured image: illustration; via Eszter Vitályos- Facebook