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New testing points are being set up to conduct tests of close contacts of people infected with COVID-19. According to an opposition politician and GP, there is unfortunately no official information available regarding the matter.

The government is setting up 17 outpatient testing locations for those who had come into contact with someone infected with coronavirus but are asymptomatic and feel well, State Secretary Bence Rétvári announced on Sunday.

As a result, people don’t have to wait for emergency services to test them, but with the help of their GP can schedule a date for the procedure which is then conducted by rescue workers.

Coronavirus: New Protective Measures Come into Effect from Monday
Coronavirus: New Protective Measures Come into Effect from Monday

From today on, the new protection measures announced after last Wednesday’s government meeting came into effect. Now, in addition to shops and public transport, mask-wearing will be made mandatory in shopping malls, cinemas, theaters, health and social institutions and public offices, while clubs will have to close by 11pm to curb the spread of the […]Continue reading

General practitioner Zoltán Komáromi, who is also a politician of opposition party Democratic Coalition (DK), told commercial broadcaster ATV that his patients had been trying to ask him what would happen to them if they were potential contacts, but according to the GP, they had not yet received any official information about the testing points.

“Unfortunately, we did not receive any information from the government office or the ambulance service where we could send the patients. In fact, when we inquired on the phone, they said they don’t know either,” the politician said.

ATV also contacted the National Center for Public Health, but they claimed it was the National Ambulance Service that has the authority in this matter.

Featured photo by Tamás Sóki/MTI