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Govt Consults with Economic Players on Telecommuting Legislation

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.07.20.

Hungary’s government has started consultations with a broad range of economic players on making rules governing telecommuting and unconventional employment more flexible, state secretary for employment policy Sándor Bodó said on Monday.

Experience during the coronavirus pandemic has shown that telecommuting can be advantageous for employers and employees alike, Bodó said.

The legal environment must be adjusted to economic and social challenges as well as to changes on the labour market, he said, adding that modifying the regulation of telecommuting in the interest of boosting employment had become a timely matter.

Draft legislation on changes to telecommuting regulations could be submitted to parliament in the autumn, Bodó said. The bill is expected to broaden the definition of telecommuting, put contracts between employers and employees on new footing that benefits both parties, and allow the liberty to choose work venues while complying with rules on safety in the workplace, he added.

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Bodó said the new rules could give employers a chance to contribute to costs incurred by employees who telecommute, such as acquiring necessary equipment. These contributions could enjoy tax preferences, he added.

featured image via János Marjai/MTI