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Govt Calls on EC to Reveal whether It Knew about Syrian Terror Suspect’s ‘Migrant Card’

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.04.01.

The Hungarian government wants the European Commission to reveal whether it was aware that a Syrian terrorist suspect had been given a prepaid bank card after arriving in the European Union, the government spokesman said on Friday.

Addressing a press conference, István Hollik said the suspect’s lawyer had recently confirmed the reports that his client, Hassan F, who was arrested in Budapest last year, had received a prepaid debit card.

In spite of this, the EC insists to this day that these “anonymous migrant cards” pose no danger, Hollik said.

He cited EC spokeswoman Natasha Bertaud as saying earlier this week that there were no “anonymous migrant cards”, as the commission knows whom the cards are distributed to and checks up on their status on a monthly basis.

Terrorist Suspect Hassan F.: Greek Anti-Jihadist Agent or Red-Handed IS Leader?

If this is indeed the case, Hollik said, it raises important questions. Hungary’s government, therefore, wants to know if Brussels was aware “that it was funding an executioner of the Islamic State”, he said.

The people also want to have a clear picture of what is going on, the spokesman said, adding that many Europeans were outraged that Brussels was “using migrant cards to fund terrorists”.

Fidesz demands information on migrant cards given to potential terrorists

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz expects an “urgent answer” from Brussels as to “how many potential terrorists have been given migrant cards,” MEP Tamas Deutsch told a press conference on Sunday, in connection with press reports that Hassan F., a Syrian arrested in Budapest and believed to have been an Islamic State terrorist, was in possession of one such card.

Deutsch said that the card found on the suspect was not suitable for identifying its holder, and insisted that “it is a lie that the 64,000 migrant cards issued so far are not anonymous, cannot be used to withdraw cash or that they can only be used in Greece”.

Citing secret service reports, Deutsch warned that “thousands” of IS migrants could have come to Europe among the migrant masses and “their number could multiply”. “Despite that fact, Brussels is enthusiastically distributing anonymous cards credited with hundreds of euros,” Deutsch said.

On the featured photo: István Hollik. Photo by Tibor Illyés/MTI

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