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Hungary’s armed forces are purchasing radars based on Israeli technology (ELM-2084) from Rheinmetall Canada, a government official said on Friday.

Gáspár Maróth, government commissioner for defence developments, said the contract for ELM-2084 air surveillance, air defence and artillery reconnaissance radars was signed today by Ferenc Korom, Commander of the Hungarian Armed Forces, and Stephane Oehrli, Rheinmetall Canada’s president-CEO.

It is planned that equipment containing active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar technology from Israeli company IAI ELTA will replace Hungary’s old Soviet radars from 2022.

Armed Forces to Buy NASAMS Air Defence System
Armed Forces to Buy NASAMS Air Defence System

The Hungarian Armed Forces will buy NASAMS surface to air missile systems from Norwegian company Kongsberg and US company Raytheon, the office of the commissioner for defence development said on Thursday. The short- and midrange missiles will replace defence systems in place since 1976, increase defence capabilities, and enable Hungary’s military to counter attacks by […]Continue reading

Maróth and Oehrli also agreed to pursue industrial cooperation, including research and development “resulting in additional products for the global market,” the government commissioner said in a statement.

featured photo illustration by János Mészáros/MTI