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Hungary’s government is once again inviting tenders for grants to promote electric car purchases by private individuals and companies, a senior official of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology said on Thursday.

State Secretary Tamás Schanda noted at a press conference that last year the government awarded grants totalling 6 billion forints (EUR 16.7m) to help 1,712 bidders buy 2,053 vehicles. Demand fully reached the limit within 36 hours of the scheme’s opening, he added.

The government continued to implement its Climate and Environment Protection Action Plan, even during the coronavirus pandemic, to make Hungary a climate-neutral, clean country without imposing burdens on the population, Schanda said.

“We will attain these aims without rising food prices or household utility fees,” he said.

Summers 50 Days Longer than in the Seventies, Hungarian Study Says
Summers 50 Days Longer than in the Seventies, Hungarian Study Says

Temperature data of the last five decades show autumn in Hungary is much shorter now than in the 1970s, while spring is somewhat shorter, according to a new meteorological study. Summer, meanwhile, is fifty days longer. Ecological damage includes more frequent frost damage, fewer migratory birds and the emergence of new invasive species, including mosquito […]Continue reading

Government Spokesperson Alexandra Szentkirályi said that Hungary is earmarking large amounts of EU recovery funds for environmental protection and promoting the circular economy and e-mobility.

featured image: State Secretary Tamás Schanda at the announcement; via Zoltán Máthé