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Government Minister Claims that 2018 Election Will be “Roughest” Since End of Communism

By Tom Szigeti // 2017.04.06.

Csaba Dömötor, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Cabinet Office, has said that It is possible that the campaign leading up to the 2018 general election will be the “roughest” since the 1989/90 change from one-party Socialist rule to free elections.

In an interview with right-wing, pro-government magazine Demokrata, Dömötör claimed that opposition parties are is likely to wage a “brutal and mendacious” battle to cover up their lack of ideas and own divisions.

But in what may have been a hint of future “brutal” campaigning on the part of the government as well, Dömötör said that the ruling Fidesz-KDNP coalition would have to take the expectation of a rough campaign “seriously”.

On the topic of Europe, Dömötör discussed the government’s ongoing “national consultation” survey of Hungarian voters; he claimed that it would be possible to deepen European Union cooperation only if this is something that people supported. “The government wants a strong Europe alongside broaching its erroneous decisions. This goes to show that it is interested in Europe’s fate.”

Dömötör told the magazine that ever since Brexit, the phrase “more Europe is needed” has been echoing round the EU. But he claimed that ‘more Europe’ should not “mean giving Brussels a blank cheque.” He added that “It is possible to deepen EU cooperation only if citizens support doing so, and the precise point of the national consultation is to put the disputed questions with Brussels on the table”.

Referring to Brexit, Dömötör said it was far better to carry on debating individual issues rather than bringing the whole of European cooperation into question.

Via MTI and Hungary Matters

Image via MTI